Kudos from France

“Until recently, there were 3 world-renowned chocolatiers, known as William Curly of London, UK; Patrick Rogers of Paris, France and Jacques Torres of New York, USA. But now there is a 4th, and he is Kevin Richards of Barrie, Canada. As a matter of fact, Kevin is “Le Grand Maître Chocolatier” — the Grand Master of All, as the City of Barrie has now found its place in this World of Art Making Chocolate Mastery with fabulous, most refined and tasty chocolate delicacies possible!”
       ~ G. Olivier, Chocolat Connoistre - France


A Truffle Lover

A response from a woman enjoying my caramel & sea salt truffle:

"Your truffle was so made me blush". ~ Michelle M. Canney

A Smash Hit

"We were thrilled to be one of the very first couples to be able to offer Kevin Richards’ chocolates as our wedding favour. The chocolates were a smash hit! We received so many compliments on the unique flavours. This chocolate is rich and velvety smooth unlike other chocolates that claim to be fine but have a waxy texture. Kevin went way above and beyond to make sure the chocolates were perfect; each one hand wrapped in custom colour foils and packaged beautifully. The only downfall with Kevin Richards’ chocolates is that they are highly addictive... and you'll never go back to any other chocolate!"

~ Scott Cooper and Katherine Van Leeuwen

To Die For

"Kevin is amazing. His chocolates are to die for." ~ Melody Edwards